OnlyFans model claims 'hot woman phobia' saw her kicked out of supermarket

Performer says she was bullied for her appearance while shopping.

An OnlyFans star claims she's the victim of "hot woman phobia" after being kicked out of her local supermarket, in turn sparking a debate over what is acceptable attire in retail spaces.

Kerolay Chaves was wearing high-cut denim shorts, a white crop top and thongs as she pushed a shopping trolley around the store when she was allegedly bullied, cursed at and asked to leave.

The 21-year-old social media influencer and model said she was expelled from the store in Belo Horizonte, in her native Brazil, because her clothes were too revealing.

OnlyFans model in supermarket
The OnlyFans model's supermarket outfit was described by one Instagram user as "an attack on decency". Source: Jam Press/Australscope

Ms Chaves took to Instagram to express her frustration with the incident, stating that she'd been subjected to prejudice and hate for dressing the way she pleased.

"Just came from the supermarket and was bullied for wearing 'too short clothes'," she told her 435,000 Instagram followers. "Some people looked with prejudice, others cursed me and finally, I was kicked out of the site.

"Do you believe it? I think it's absurd that we women are still treated this way just because we dress how we want. Truth is, we go through it because we're too hot, that's all."

'Daily problem' for OnlyFans star

Ms Chaves, who also has 2.2 million TikTok followers, told "I felt offended by the gratuitous hate I received both in the market and on my Instagram post. I think all these insults have more to do with the 'hot woman phobia' I face on a daily basis."

OnlyFans model supermarket
The Brazilian performer says she is often targeted for being attractive. Source: Jam Press/Australscope

While some followers expressed sympathy for Ms Chaves and criticised the supermarket's actions, thousands of others suggested she should have dressed more demurely, especially in the presence of children.

"No need to go to a supermarket dressed like that. You are embarrassing the decent people who are often there with children," one Instagram user wrote. A second argued that a woman who "respects such an environment does not dress like this".

Others accused the performer of baiting the supermarket into reacting about her appearance to boost her social media presence. "Clearly it was for engagement and Instagram likes," someone added.

- Jam Press/Australscope

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