Coles customer slams fellow shopper's outfit choice: 'Dignity gone out the window'

A Coles shopper was left appalled during an early evening shop after she spotted another customer wearing an outfit that she deemed inappropriate for a supermarket.

The shopper, who had stopped at a Coles store on Friday night, was walking by the frozen food section when she came across a woman wearing a dressing gown.

Female Coles shopper wearing dressing gown with male customer dressed in black
A Coles customer was spotted wearing a dressing gown, which prompted another shopper to question her "dignity". Source: Supplied

"Has all dignity gone out the window when leaving the house?" the customer shared in a message to Yahoo News Australia, along with a photo of the casual outfit in question.

"OMG, seriously how lazy do you have to be - not bothering to get dressed??" she said in disbelief, additionally commenting about the shopper's seemingly "slothful" lifestyle.

Other 'objectionable' outfits called out

This isn't the first time a supermarket shopper's outfit has raised eyebrows.

Only last month, a Woolworths employee sparked a social media debate after mocking a customer for wearing a pair of thongs and jeans together.

Last year, Australians came into the limelight when an American TikToker expressed shock over seeing Aussie shoppers walk into supermarkets without wearing shoes.

In January, a TikTok influencer divided the internet after sharing that she often receives "uncomfortable" looks in the supermarket, mainly because of her gym attire.

While social media debates commonly follow such observations, some people enjoy browsing through online galleries of questionable clothing worn by shoppers.

One classic that has been going since 2009 is the American entertainment website People of Walmart, which allows user-submitted photos of Walmart customers wearing awkward outfits.

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