'Woman arrested for throwing dog poo at policeman'

A woman has been caught on camera throwing what appears to be dog faeces in the face of a Queensland policeman.

The woman was walking her dogs in Molendinar on Tuesday when she returned home to find her street cordoned off by police after Gold Coast mother Tara Brown was allegedly run off the road and bashed by her ex-boyfriend.

Video shows the woman screaming abuse at the officers after they allegedly told her she couldn't access her home.

"I'm standing right here, that's where me and my dogs are standing. I'm standing right f---ing here," she can be heard screaming.

When one of the officers tried to calm the woman down, she lost her temper entirely, picking up a bag of dog faeces and allegedly hurling it in the face of one of the policemen.

The officer quickly pushed the woman back and onto the ground, where she was held down by officers and handcuffed.

It's not known what charges the woman will face.

National news break – September 11