Woman allegedly hides car keys in her mouth to evade arrest

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A woman allegedly resorted to hiding car keys in her mouth to evade an arrest.

Riley Sage Weiss, 23, from Wichita Falls in the US state of Texas, was approached by a police officer in a store on Wednesday and asked about a car parked parallel to its entrance, KFDX reports.

Weiss allegedly told police the car was not hers but the officer said he saw Weiss put her car key fob in her mouth causing the car’s lights to flash.

Riley Sage Weiss, 23, is pictured.
Riley Sage Weiss, 23, was arrested on a number of charges. Source: Wichita Falls Police Department

The officer squeezed her cheeks so she would not swallow any potential evidence and retrieved the car keys. Eventually, she allegedly told police the car was hers. She then allegedly told them the car did not belong to her.

Either way, a search of the car found 10 different ID and credit cards in the car, none of which belong to Weiss, police said.

Weiss was arrested. According to jail records, Weiss has been charged with tampering with evidence and fraud. It is not clear why the officer initially approached her in the store.

Riley Weiss, 23, is pictured.
Weiss in her arrest photo from February. Source: Wichita Falls Police Department

The 23-year-old is known to police and has an arrest history dating back to 2015.

Weiss was arrested in February for allegedly stealing a car.

But while in jail, police noticed her fidgeting and undertook a body cavity search.

It is alleged a meth pipe was found in Weiss’s anal cavity.

Her past charges include criminal mischief, evading arrest, burglary and criminal trespass.

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