Woman allegedly catches man filming under public toilet cubical door

A young man is behind bars in Sydney’s west, charged with filming a woman in a toilet cubicle, possessing child abuse material and an “ice” pipe.

The man was arrested in Penrith with police saying the woman was not the only victim after a search of his phone allegedly found many other videos of women using toilets at unknown locations.

It was just after 7am on Friday morning when a 53-year-old woman was using the public toilet at a shopping centre on Woodruff Street.

The woman noticed a mobile phone being held under the cubicle door and confronted the man who was allegedly holding the phone.

The 22-year-old was charged with a number of offences. Source: 7 News

He was detained by security until police arrived and arrested the 22-year-old.

Child exploitation material was also allegedly found on the man’s phone and he's accused of being in possession of an ice pipe at the time.

He was charged with several offences, including filming a person's private parts without consent.

He was denied bail in Parramatta court on Saturday morning and will reappear in court next Monday.