Woman 'abused by grandfather' shares distressing images of when she weighed less than 17kg

WARNING - DISTRESSING CONTENT: A woman has posted disturbing images of her emaciated body on social media, claiming they were taken during a time when she was starved by an abusive grandparent.

The Japanese woman, reportedly known as Wild Cabbage on Twitter, shared pictures online showing when she was shockingly emaciated and allegedly weighed just 16.8 kilograms nearly a decade ago.

The woman, now in her 20s, wrote on the social networking site that she was "not allowed to eat" and claims she "was kicked in the belly" by her grandfather if she was caught eating secretly, The Mirror reports.

A woman posted distressing images online alleging she had been abused by a family member. Source: Twitter

That alleged abuse would lead her to throw up or she would spit the food out, reports claim.

In a translation of the social media post the woman told victims of abuse or people suffering from eating disorders to "ask for help before it's too late", having been told she was merely ten minutes from death when medical professionals reached her.

Some social media users were sceptical of the woman's claims but she replied with more harrowing images. Source: Twitter

Some online users have however been sceptical of the woman's post and pictures, asking her to prove her claims.

She has replied to some tweets with additional images of her the harrowing time when she was merely skin and bones, reportedly taken when she was receiving medical treatment.

The woman from Kyoto is now said to be a healthy weight and has reportedly made a remarkable recovery.

She did not reveal what happened to her grandfather or if there were other family members involved.

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