Woah baby! Mum gives birth at Sydney train station

A stunned mum has given birth at a suburban Sydney train station.

Cecilia Lagi was on her way home from work, two days over due.

She’d missed her stop at Guildford so got off at Auburn.

When she got off she went straight into labour.

Cecilia Lagi went into labour at a train station. Photo: 7 News
Cecilia Lagi went into labour at a train station. Photo: 7 News

While it wasn't the ideal location, bub wasn’t going to wait so Cecilia had to settle for rail staff as her midwives.

Auburn station Duty Manger Matt Ward said it all happened too quickly.

“I didn't have time to be nervous,” he said.

Security video shows Cecilia being ushered into an office - followed by a very concerned Mr Ward, who prepared to deliver the baby.

"We had a chair, I had some jackets and things of that nature to prop her up as best we could,” he said.

“The ambulance guys came in right at the pivotal moment and caught the baby as it was born”.

And just like that, Baby Alo-fa-moni Lagi was born at a train stop.

"I wanted to go to the bathroom but I had to push through two ladies and like, they were angry at me, I'm like, can I just get in there please?" Cecilia told 7 News.

The birth was a first for Sydney trains who said there were no other records of any women giving birth at a station.

Cecelia said the name Alo-fa-moni means for the love of the community.


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