Wife shoots husband over breakfast in bed

Zia Segule was shot in the chest while trying to surprise his wife Tiffany with breakfast in bed. Photo: Facebook.

A woman has mistakenly shot her husband in the chest when he was trying to surprise her with breakfast in bed.

Police in Fayetteville, North Carolina, said soldier Zia Segule had left his home to go to the Fort Bragg military base as usual around 8am, but snuck back shortly afterwards to prepare the romantic gesture.

But his plan unraveled when he triggered the burglar alarm as he approached the bedroom.

His wife Tiffany Segule had gone back to sleep after he left and fired a shot through the bedroom door, the Daily Mail reports.

Police said the victim had returned home through the front door of the house, but it was not clear whether he had announced himself before being shot.

He is currently in a stable condition and is expected to be released from hospital in the near future.

Police said on local television Mrs Segule may have been spooked because of a number of recent home invasions in the area.

Morning news break – January 11

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