Mum gobsmacked by 'cold-hearted' note left on car outside hospital

The note was written while the mum's young son was inside being treated in emergency.

A Queensland mum has been left in a state of shock after discovering a brazen, "cold-hearted" note plastered to the windscreen of her car that she had parked outside of a hospital where her young son was being treated.

The Whitsundays woman said she had rushed her son to the emergency department after he'd suffered a hairline fracture, when, some 30 minutes later, she returned to the vehicle to find an extremely aggressive note left for her.

The expletive-ridden letter, which starts with: "Hey rude b****h", accuses the mum of parking incorrectly.

An aggressive hand-written note is seen outside of the hospital where the mum presented her son for a sports injury.
The Queensland mother described the note as "cold-hearted". Source: Facebook.

"You will notice the sign says 'reverse parking'," the mystery author said.

"I was about to reverse park and you snuck right in — then had the nerve to try to obfuscate."

Baffled, the Queenslander took to Facebook to reveal that amid the emergency, "parking was the last thing" on the mind of her husband, who was driving the car.

"To the lovely person who left this note when we were rushing our son to the emergency department, pull your damn head in," the mother said.

"The way my husband parked was the last thing on his mind when seeking emergency medical attention for our child. As I imagine is the same for literally every other car in here who has reversed parked. (Note all the empty spots too, we've only been here for 30 minutes)."

"Weird though", the mum went on, "that you claim to have been right there preparing to reverse and we 'apparently' snuck in, but you didn't notice a male driving?"

She then clarified that at the time her vehicle was being parked, she was already inside with her son.

The emergency department where the family's car was parked. Source: Facebook.
The emergency department where the family's car was parked. Source: Facebook.

"Why not say it to our face?" she asked.

"You're clearly just a cold-hearted coward. Maybe next time consider the circumstances, you very well may have left this note on the car of someone whose family member is passing away. Have some bloody empathy - it's not hard."

Later removing the post, the Whitsundays woman clarified in a second statement her son was doing "OK" with a "possible hairline fracture from sport". "Nothing too serious," she clarified.

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