Where in the world did this monster crocodile come from?

Amateur sleuths from all corners of the internet have taken a new challenge – find out just where this enormous crocodile came from.

A photo posted to a UK woman’s Facebook page has left thousands trying to work out where the monstrous creature comes from.

The monstrous creature is the height of three people while hanging from a tree and, in the original post, was accompanied by a warning about the dangers of going into the water.

“Now when they say don't fish waste (sic) deep please LISTEN people this is a proper FLAT DOG,” Lynsey Clayton Saudan wrote on her Facebook page.

The image has since been shared thousands of times with many speculating the photograph may have originated in the Northern Territory or Far North Queensland.

However, the original post suggests the animal’s origin may be more exotic.

Ms Saunders profile says she lives in the UK but also lived in Zimbabwe as a child.

Other recent posts, uploaded just days before the crocodile emerged, also show African animals like elephants and giraffes.

The term 'flat dog' is referenced as Zimbabwean slang for crocodile on several websites as well, with several commenters insisting the comment is proof of the picture's African origins.

However, no one has yet confirmed where the photo was taken, which means the online guessing game can continue in earnest for the time being at least.

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