Western Sydney homes raided following threats to 'shoot at police stations'

Natasha Christian and Gemma Garkut

Crime squad detectives have raided multiple Western Sydney homes following serious threats against police.

The raids were sparked by threats against a police station made on Facebook.

One of the homes raided this morning had been targeted previously by police in relation to the shooting murder of police worker Curtis Cheng.

Today, police raided the home of Talal Alameddine in relation to alleged firearms offences.

A man was questioned my media outside one of the homes which was raided by police today. Photo: AAP.
Talal Alameddine was arrested in October, accused of supplying the gun used to kill Police Officer Curtis Cheng. Photo: 7 News.

NSW Police confirmed they had targeted a number of men in relation to firearms prohibitions orders.

Crime squad detectives raided homes on Blackwood Rd and Lockwood St in Merrylands.

Two firearms prohibition order searches at two homes were conducted just after 6am today (Wednesday 2 December) in an operation led by the Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad (MEOCS).

A police spokesman said nothing of interest was located but detectives would continue their investigation into information about a threat involving a firearm at a greater Sydney police station.

State Crime Commander, Assistant Commissioner Mark Jenkins, said the operation was about ensuring the safety of police and the community, and followed information about the threat against a police station in greater Sydney involving a firearm.

“Any threat to police officers or police premises is of major concern and taken extremely seriously, as demonstrated by the operation we undertook today,” Assistant Commissioner Jenkins said.

“We will continue to take every precaution necessary to protect our officers and the safety of the wider community, and will respond swiftly to any specific threats that are received.

“This matter remains under investigation.

“I would encourage any person who has information about threats to police or to community safety in general to come forward and tell us so we can act on it.”

Previously police said the raid was conducted under the powers of firearms prohibition orders that were previously served on a number of men linked to the Merrylands address.

Police were seen talking to a man outside one of the homes earlier this morning.

The home on Lockwood St was previously targeted in October.

It was raided by police by the NSW counterterrorism squad, homicide squad and AFP over the murder of police service accountant Curtis Cheng.

More to come.

On October 7 a woman confronted police and media during a terror raid at the home on Lockwood St.

The woman was returning to her home during the middle of a raid and lashed out.

The woman tried to barge through a number of police officers which were guarding the home at the time.

It had been raided by NSW counterterrorism squad, homicide squad and AFP over the murder of police service accountant Curtis Cheng.