'We're just mums and dads', Inside Reclaim Australia

The founders of the controversial Reclaim Australia movement say they just want to make Australia safer for their children, in their first ever media interview.

The group Reclaim Australia is holding nationwide rallies against sharia law, halal tax and "Islamisation" of Australia.

In the exclusive with Seven's Sunday Night, to air October 18, group spokespeople Wanda Marsh, John Oliver, Catherine Brennan told reporter Alex Cullen they found a vast number of like-minded anti-Islam Australians on Facebook.

Wanda Marsh, John Oliver and Catherine Brennan of Reclaim Australia

The Facebook discussions eventually led to coordinated rallies around the country.

"I looked on Facebook and realised there were people out there like Catherine and thought 'I've got to be in this, I've got to help," John says.

"I can't let my kids grow up in a country where people are getting murdered in the streets."

"We're just mums and dads," he says.

The Reclaim Australia Facebook page now has more than 32,000 followers

They maintain it is not a "racist hate group" and not affiliated in any way with neo-Nazi or white supremacists, but designed to retain "our successful Australian way of life".

Wanda has helped coordinate the national gatherings and said she joined the group to leave a safer country for her grandchildren.

"I want to be able to proudly say to my grandchildren, [when they say] 'Back in 2015 Nanna when all this started, what did you do?'

"I went down to a local Spotlight store and I got some fabric and I got some paint and I ended up painting banners."

Wanda Marsh has spoken at multiple rallies

Hundreds turned out to the April and July protests, but some quickly turned violent as counter-demonstrators in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane also took to the streets.

Police were forced to separate the two sides and paramedics were required to treat several injured people in Melbourne's Federation Square during the April rally.

At a rally attended by Sunday Night the Australian flag was set alight

Watch the full story Sunday October 18 on Seven at 7PM.