Popular fast food chain to launch 'hundreds' of stores in Australia

A new fast food restaurant is on the way Down Under and is now recruiting franchisees.

Maccas and Hungry Jacks will have to watch their backs. They'll soon have some new competition in town with one of America’s most popular fast food chains vying for Aussie real estate.

Wendy’s has been cooking up plans for Australian domination with its Chief Development Officer serving up an agenda for Down Under.

The chain announced plans to open in Australia late last year and ultimately wants to open "hundreds" of stores, the Australian Financial Review reported on Monday.

“We believe Australia is a lucrative market for long-term growth,” Abigail Pringle told the publication. “We think that the Australian market could be hundreds of restaurants.”

Wendy's store.
Wendy's has dished up plans for 'hundreds' of stores in Australia. Source: Ap

Wendy’s could build and then hand you the keys

Famous for its signature burgers, fries and frosty desserts, Wendy’s could entice local investors to get on board with co-investment and royalty abatement in a bid to help speed up the roll out.

While the details at this stage are exceptionally light, Ms Pringle confirmed she would host virtual talks with prospective master franchisee holders in Australia this week about different models that could be used.

This includes the fast food chain potentially buying up land and building restaurants before passing them over to franchisees. It’s a program already in place in the US and Canada.

A Wendy's burger (left) and drinks and salads (right).
Wendy's currently has 7,000 stores across the world and is famous for its iconic burgers. Source: Wendy's

“We are putting money on our balance sheet, we are finding the land, we are designing the building, building the building and handing you the keys,” she said. “We haven’t yet said that we’re going to do that in Australia ... but we may expand that.”

Until then, the Chief Development Officer, who’s been with Wendy’s for 21 years, is focused on finding the right Aussie partner, either a listed group or family business, for a “master franchise model”.

Since Wendy’s opened in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio, the restaurant has boomed into a fast food giant. It now boasts 7,000 stores in 30 countries around the world including Canada, the UK, Ireland and New Zealand.

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