‘We are the empowered ones’: Strip club owner slams daylight ‘domestic violence’ protest

Melissa Hills

CCTV has captured a group of women allegedly vandalising a Brisbane strip club accusing the business of 'inciting violence against women'.

The alleged 'domestic violence protesters' targeted Show Girls, The Grosvenor and Candy Club in Brisbane's CBD by pasting signs to the shopfronts reading: 'This is domestic violence’.

Jasmine Robson, Owner Manager of The Grosvenor Topless Bar & Strip Club, released the CCTV of a group of women pasting the signs to the front of her club in George Street on the weekend.

Jasmine Robson. Photo: Facebook

The incident took place on Sunday at 11.20am, in the full view of passing shoppers who can be seen looking very surprised on the CCTV.

One passerby even goes up to the women to seemingly question them about their actions.

"I am angry that other "women" would attack myself as a woman and all of the women who work in the industry like this," Ms Robson told Yahoo7.

"I felt compelled to stand up for the women in the industry and make sure these "women" are held accountable for their actions.

"I wanted to make sure the women in the industry felt supported, loved and protected from these "ladies" abuse against them."

Posters pasted to the shopfronts were all the same.

Ms Robson told Yahoo7 the women had caused around $3000 of damage.

"The thing they fail to see is that the women who work in this industry are the empowered ones.

“It happened in the middle of the day so the vandals clearly don’t understand the ramifications of their actions, they’re not helping anyone and the girls are not happy about it," Ms Robson told News Corp.

The CCTV was released by the owner manager of The Grosvenor. Photo: Photo: Supplied

The women were then seen taking photos of the posters that they pasted onto the shop fronts outside The Grosvenor.

Ms Robson said she would be handing the CCTV to police and the culprits would be made to the pay for the damage they had caused.

"I would hope they would be made to pay for damages, be given a fine and made appologise to the innocent women they attacked," she said.

Yahoo7 contacted Queensland Police for comment.