WATCH: Woman's bizarre late-night rampage on Adelaide's Hindley St

A young woman has gone on a bizarre rampage on Adelaide’s Hindley Street, allegedly damaging several taxis before jumping on cars.

The woman was allegedly seen shoving and punching onlookers before police swooped in and arrested her.

The entire incident was captured on film, a rampage which lasted 15 minutes.

Fired up Imogene Dodson was allegedly filmed setting her sights on a waiting taxi before her friends tried to intervene.

The 20-year-old was unable to be stopped during the incident, which allegedly happened just after midnight.

Witnesses watched in horror, one claimed the woman had started to attack a taxi driver’s car before jumping on the hood of another car across the road.

Four police officers were seen arresting Ms Dodson, putting an end to the allegedly violent outburst.

The taxi company owner told 7 News the act was disrespectful.

“Why do people do it? I just can’t understand it… no respect… no respect at all,” he said.

The company felt it was just another example of the dangers that drivers faced every night on the job.

The have called for an apology and for the damages to be paid for.

Ms Dodson’s mother struggled to watch footage of her daughter’s alleged behaviour.

“Why did she do that? I don’t know… I don’t understand this,” Theresa Dodson said.

“Yes she’s embarrassed and sorry about it."

The girl's mother has said she is 'deeply embarrassed'. Photo: 7 News
The girl's mother has said she is 'deeply embarrassed'. Photo: 7 News

The 20-year-old has since said she planned to seek help after the incident.

Ms Dodson has been charged with disorderly conduct and reported for property damage.