WATCH: Woman 'in own world' wanders off train platform in Melbourne

Brendan Donohoe

Alarming footage of a woman 'in her own world' walking off a train platform, has been released by Melbourne transport officials.

The CCTV shows commuters dicing with death on Melbourne's rail network and roads.

In many of the cases, only luck prevented serious injury or worse.

In one of the clips, a young woman was filmed walking off the train platform and crashing onto the tracks at Parliament station.

Nearby commuters jump to her rescue, pull her off the tracks and warn an oncoming train.

A few seconds too late and the train would have been too close to stop a tragedy.

A woman walks off the platform. Source: 7News

In another video, a young man dices with death, walking straight in front of a Nicholson Street (Melbourne) tram just north of parliament.

He is bowled over, but it is his lucky day.

Holding up his hands, the man can be seen apologising to the tram driver.

A man walks in front of a Nicholson Street tram. Source: 7News

In another video, a commuter who doesn't touch on with their Myki card (public transport payment), wipes out. Face planting after jumping the barrier at Caulfield Station.

"We do ask people to, you know, be aware of your surroundings. Don't get distracted with your mobile phone and keep an eye out for what you are doing," said Jeroen Weimar from Public Transport Victoria.

The potentially deadly near misses serve as a catalogue of carelessness and stupidity.

It's just sheer luck no one was severely injured or killed.

A fourth video shows a couple with a pusher who inexplicably start running at Gowrie Station.

But the pusher careers sideways, almost smashing into the train.

The pusher careers sideways. Source: 7News

Another incident at Richmond Station saw two men risk their lives, running across the tracks to catch a train.

And then there's the drivers oblivious to trams.

A Toyota Kluger was filmed taking on a tram in Nicholson Street, coming off second best.

On the same street, an unthinking Toyota Tarago driver cut into the path of the tram.

A driver cuts into the path of a tram. Source: 7News

"Where there are accidents it does also cause distress and trauma for train drivers and other staff," said Transport Minister, Jacinta Allan.

The release of the vision (above) coincides with National Rail Safety Week, which starts on Monday around the country.

The theme is it is your responsibility when it comes to staying safe around trams and trains.