WATCH: Polar bear tries to swipe girl's penguin toy after mistaking it for prey

A polar bear has tried to make a swipe for a little girl’s toy, head butting the glass of a zoo enclosure.

Emma Garrett was running and jumping around the front of the enclosure at Saint Louis Zoo in Missouri, US.

The four-year-old was filmed showing Kali the bear her cuddly penguin toy.

The little girl was seen holding the toy out to Kali with pride.

Little Emma was excited to see Kali. Photo: Caters
Emma tried to show Kali the penguin toy. Photo: Caters

But when she does, the bear seemingly decides it would like a closer look at the penguin.

Mistaking it for prey, the bear lunges forward and thrashes against the glass, head butting it with a massive thud.

Emma’s dad quickly rushes in to usher her away.

Kali was said to have mistaken the toy for prey. Photo: Caters

"It was clear the polar bear was very agitated and didn't like the penguin very much, so tried to attack Emma and the toy,” he told local media.

"Emma was slightly shaken up but quickly got over it when we took her to see the penguins."