WATCH: Adorable quokka mistakes bike pedal for lunch

Roger Federer made international headlines in January when he posed for a "selfie" with a quokka on Rottnest Island during his trip to Perth for the Hopman Cup.

It was an amazing marketing coup for WA tourism, but who says you need a tennis legend to talk up the loveable quokka when they are so good at being cute all on their own?

Perth woman Shannon Ducker was cycling around the island, a tourist favourite 19 km off the coast of Fremantle, on Sunday when she paused for a quick break.

When she looked down at the ground, she noticed a little furry creature getting up close and personal with her bike pedal.

Shannon Ducker found this furry little creature at her feet during a pause in cycling. Source: Facebook/Shannon Ducker
The quokka licks and bites at the pedal. Source: Facebook/Shannon Ducker

Licking and chewing at it, the adorable quokka either thinks the pedal is food, or just really has a thing for the taste of metal.

Quokkas are known to be very friendly and unafraid of humans, but on Rottnest Island it is illegal for visitors to handle or feed the animals, especially human food, which can make them sick.

Quokkas are known to be friendly and aren't afraid of humans. Source: Facebook/Shannon Ducker

Which begs the question - how does trying to eat a bike pedal make them feel?