Walker makes 'barbaric' discovery on Aussie walking track

A Hobart resident was enjoying a scenic walk when they came across a decapitated and impaled wallaby head.

WARNING - GRAPHIC CONTENT: A walker out for a scenic stroll in Hobart was shocked after finding an impaled wallaby head.

The resident was enjoying a walk through the Hobart Rivulet when they came across the “barbaric” find.

The head, which appeared to be decomposing, was impaled on a stick and mounted on a tree, held on by some organic material. It is not clear how the animal died.

Sadly, the walker said it was not the first time they had witnessed evidence of animal cruelty along the popular walking track.

A wallaby hear impaled on a stick and attached to a tree found by the walker.
The Aussie came across the cruel discovery while enjoying a scenic walk in Hobart. Source: The Mercury

“About a year ago I saw another animal strung up in a tree near the Wynyard St entrance, but this is horrific,” they told The Mercury.

RSPCA Tasmania CEO Jan Davis slammed the act as “totally unnecessary, thoughtless and cruel”.

“It’s really distressing when people do such distressing things – when people do things to harm animals,” Davis told the paper.

“We want these people to stop being stupid and cruel, and harming defenceless and iconic local animals.”

Hobart Lord Mayor Anna Reynolds condemned the behaviour, slamming the “barbaric, cowardly attack on a harmless native animal”.

Reynolds said local bushland, parks and biodiversity staff regularly run specialised programs, and walked and maintained the Hobart Rivulet while keeping an eye out for any issues.

“As horrific as this incident is, it is an isolated one,” she told The Mercury.

“The city of Hobart urges anyone who witnessed or has any information about this cowardly attack to contact Tasmania Police.”

The walker who found the head and the RSPCA have called for CCTV to be put up in the area to catch anyone trying to commit similar acts.

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