WA Police reveal new details about three kids found dead in house fire

The mum of three young children who were found dead in a house fire in Port Hedland on Tuesday afternoon is in police custody.
Police were called to the home on Anderson Street in Western Australia's Pilbara region about 4:45pm.
It took firefighters 30 minutes to bring the inferno under control, during which the bodies of the kids — aged 10, 7 and five-months-old — were found inside, WA Police Assistant Commissioner Allan Adams said.

Video transcript

- The circumstances leading up to this tragedy will be subject to investigation. At this time, the mother of the believed to be deceased children, I can advise that whilst formal identification has not occurred of the bodies found in the house, it is believed that the ages of the children are 10 years, seven years, sorry, and a five-month-old.

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