WA mosques vandalised

WA mosques vandalised

Three mosques were vandalised on the weekend, attacks that are “disappointing”, says a WA Imam.

Abusive graffiti was painted on walls at two sites, while bottles of beer were left smashed in the car park at a third venue sometime on Sunday.

Imam Burhaan Mehtar said the graffiti “handwriting” at the two mosques was very similar and the attacks had been reported to police.

He said while life carried on, there was always a fear there would be other attacks.

Imam Mehtar said WA Muslims were disappointed by the vandalism and it was not in the spirit of being Australian.

“Being Australian, our values are to respect and tolerate everyone and all religions,” he said.

“WA Muslims feel it is unfair that we are being terrorised in a fair country for wrong we haven’t done.”

He said Imams had made it clear that Islamic State was not representative of Islam.

A police spokeswoman said there has been no recent reported increase in racial vilification or racial-based assaults reported to police in the wake of vandalism at three WA mosques.

Police said they were investigating the vandalism, which happened at overnight Saturday, after receiving complaints.

“Western Australia is a tolerant and inclusive state, and people should respect the diversity in our community,” the police spokeswoman said.

Anyone with information about the attacks is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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