Australia Post rider's touching moment after collision

More than one Australia Post worker is injured on Aussie roads every week.

The Australia Post rider mid-fall is caught on dashcam (left) and the worker standing beside the bike as the woman from the blue car walks toward him (right).
The Australia Post rider fell onto the road at a busy intersection in Melbourne's east, with the mail and parcels falling from the bag. Source: Facebook

It's shocking to witness two vehicles collide on the road. When an Australia Post worker fell from his motorbike last Thursday morning, leaving mail and parcels strewn across a busy intersection, drivers rushed to his aid. However, one simple act turned the heart-stopping moment into a heartwarming one.

Dashcam footage from across the intersection caught the entire incident unfold, which involved a blue car turning left onto Boronia Road in Melbourne's east. The postie drove up behind the blue car in the slip lane and it's unclear whether the driver's momentary break caused the postie to collide into the car or a raised curb knocked him from his bike.

As the postie picked himself off the road drivers stopped to help, including the female driver of blue car. While others began to pick up the mail, she approached him with outstretched arms and embraced him, offering him comfort while asking if he was hurt.

The postie wearing hi-vis hugs the woman who came from the blue car as the Australia Post bike lies on its side on the road.
The postie and the driver embrace after the incident. Source: Facebook

Australia Post confirmed to Yahoo News it is currently investigating the incident but confirmed no one was hurt, praising the driver for checking on the postie.

"Australia Post thanks the motorist and community for their care and concern for our Postie following this incident in Melbourne recently," a spokesperson said.

The dashcam footage was shared online and Aussies were also quick to praise the female driver for prioritising the postie.

"Good to see people helping instead of yelling and screaming," one wrote, while another suggested "everybody on the road" should respond to incidents like this.

"Thank you for putting humanity first," a third said. "How much less stressful has this simple act of humanity made this situation."

One Australia Post rider injured on roads every week

The incident in Melbourne is the latest in a long line of road accidents involving posties, with Australia Post announcing one of their riders was injured every week between the 2022-2023 financial year. 65 posties were injured as a result of third-party traffic accidents during that time, which resulted in hospital stays and extended periods of leave.

Source: Australia post
Source: Australia post

Last July a video showing an Australia Post rider being hit at an intersection, seemingly out of nowhere, was provided to Yahoo News. The rider was thrown off his bike and left clutching at his injured leg. Another incident which occurred last year shows a truck side-swipe a postie onto the footpath.

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