Vote on Harris' honour

This plaque commemorating Rolf Harris' visit to Kununurra may be removed. Picture: Rourke Walsh

Disgraced entertainer Rolf Harris could be stripped of another honour if the Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley approves the removal of a plaque and plinth commemorating his 1986 visit to Kununurra.

Harris was convicted of child sex offences in the UK last week and sentenced to more than five years in prison, and the Town of Bassendean and City of Perth have already moved to strip him of accolades.

The now 86-year-old planted a Cathormion Umbellatum in Celebrity Tree Park on February 17, 1986, while visiting the region and the plaque categorised him as a singer and TV personality.

It is believed Harris' tree is one of the first celebrity trees planted in the park, with it now standing more than four metres tall and only about 10 metres from where Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove planted his tree last month.

Shire chief executive Gary Gaffney said council would decide the fate of the plaque, plinth and tree at its next meeting but added it was unlikely the tree would be cut down and removed.

"A tree is a tree, why would you cut it down," he said.

"It's not the tree's fault this has happened but it's up to the council to now decide whether they remove the plaque and plinth."

Mr Gaffney said another controversial tree, that of disgraced former WA Premier Brian Burke, had not been removed when he was jailed in 1994, nor was the plaque or plinth.

However, Mr Gaffney said Burke's tree was subject to ongoing vandalism, something he hoped would not be the case with Harris', despite his convictions.

"(Brian Burke's) tree keeps getting destroyed as does (former Prime Minister) Julia Gillard's which I think is just vandalism," he said.

"We understand certain people are angry about it but it is a council decision.

"I know Bassendean has (removed a lot of links to Harris) but they had artwork and a whole range of things because he was born down there."

A bicentennial footpath plaque laid by Harris in his home suburb of Bassendean was stolen last week just days after the council decided to remove and store it.

Harris has already been stripped of his BAFTA life time achievement award and his place in the Australian Recording Industry Association Hall of Fame and he also stands to lose other honours including his OBE, handed to him by the Queen.

Celebrity Tree Park is home to more than 100 trees planted by a range of celebrities including actors, singers, sports stars, TV personalities, politicians and other dignitaries.