Volkswagen will produce an EV version of its GTI hot hatch

The ID.GTI Concept shows how the company will electrify its enthusiast lineup. for VW

Volkswagen's ID lineup is pretty well fleshed out by now, with vehicles ranging from the ID.2all compact to the ID.4 crossover — but where are the enthusiast vehicles? VW has answered that question with the ID.GTI concept, an electric hot hatch that will eventually head to production.

Much like original GTI that inspired it (the "I" no longer stands for injection but "intelligence"), it's a sporty, compact hatch that looks fast standing still. Size-wise, it's shorter but taller than the current Golf GTI, with slightly more interior volume. The ID.GTI is based on (and strongly resembles) the ID.2all compact, adding features like 20-inch wheels, front, side and rear spoilers, a rear diffuser, a honeycomb grill, striped graphics, LED fog lights and more.

Volkswagen will produce an EV version of its GTI hot hatch
Volkswagen will produce an EV version of its GTI hot hatch (Volkswagen)

It'll have handling and performance tweaks as well, but VW didn't provide any details. The ID.2all comes with a 223HP motor, good for a 62MPH sprint in under seven seconds, with an estimated 280-mile range. The ID.GTI is likely to beat those figures handily, though, and the top speed should be faster too.

VW did say that the ID.GTI would have an electronically-controlled front-axle differential lock offering traction control, just like the current Golf GTI. And it will work even better, the company wrote, "because the setup of the electric drive motor, as any electric system, can be varied almost infinitely." It also has a low center of gravity to aid handling, thanks to the battery's location in the vehicle floor.

Volkswagen ID.GTI
Volkswagen ID.GTI (Volkswagen)

Inside, the ID.GTI concept has tartan sport seats, a drive selector, a sportier steering wheel and a 10.9-inch instrument cluster, along with a 12.9-inch infotainment system. It also features an AR head-up display, projecting information like speeds and even track layout, both for the driver and front passenger. A special GTI button activates a red lighting scheme.

Volkswagen said that it will produce the ID.GTI concept, but didn't say when or what it would sell for. It's a good bet that it'll arrive around the same time as the ID.2all, though, which is priced under $30,000 and slated for a 2025 release.