Visitor centre to open a veranda kiosk


The Broome Visitor Centre has been allowed to convert a storage shed on its veranda into a kiosk, creating a vital stream of revenue for the not-for-profit organisation.

Coffee, cold drinks and pre-made sandwiches will be sold from the facility which is situated at the main entrance into Chinatown.

The addition has been welcomed by centre manager Nick Linton as its only other revenue stream is a commission from ticket sales, plus an annual grant from the Shire of Broome.

“It is intended that the coffee kiosk will offer tourists who visit the BVC the opportunity to spend more time with a travel consultant and receive a more personalised service,” Mr Linton said.

“It’s another way for us to move with the times as a part of the strategy to make the visitor centre a more modern and welcoming space for visitors to spend time.

“As a centre of tourism excellence, we are working to encourage tourists to visit the town and learn more about what is on offer in this unique region.”

Broome Shire Council last week approved the application at an ordinary meeting, specifying the facility must be called a kiosk and not a cafe.

Councillor Jenny Bloom asked what impact the facility may have on existing businesses in Chinatown. Shire president Graeme Campbell said the centre had always had the capacity for a kiosk but the building provided for that purpose was being used as storage shed.

The centre will pay about $30,000 to open the kiosk and provide equipment.

Broome Shire currently leases part of the building to the centre for the purposes of tourism.

Shire chief executive Kenn Donohoe has been given the delegated authority to sign planning and building applications in respect to the application, on behalf of the council.