'Very selfish': Viral photo used to highlight dangerous Instagram trend

Tom Flanagan
News Reporter

Taking risks to capture the perfect Instagram shot is nothing new.

In fact, research has revealed that during a six-year period up until 2017, 259 people died from taking selfies worldwide.

And dangerous behaviour while taking photos or video appears to be commonplace across Australia too.

Just last month a British backpacker fell to her death at a popular cliffside selfie spot at Diamond Bay in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

On Monday, NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command shared images of a man hanging from a car boot as he filmed a Mitsubishi Lancer behind him.

A picture of a man hanging out a car boot to take a photo has been used to remind drivers and passengers to behave appropriately on the roads. Source: NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command

Authorities said the photos were taken in the Royal National Park, south of Sydney, and is a notorious area for crashes due to its windy roads and blind bends.

NSW Police have long called for safer driving in the area and have implemented a number of operations to crack down on disobedient motorists.

NSW Police Chief Inspector Phil Brooks told Yahoo News Australia such behaviour was unacceptable on the roads.

“[This is] very selfish and dangerous behaviour putting all involved at great risk,” he said.

And while the image was originally shared in September on a Facebook page named ‘Help, I’ve binned my car in the Nasho’ – a page dedicated to documenting crashes and totalled vehicles in the Royal National Park, NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command are using the image as a reminder to drivers to behave appropriately on the roads.

A police chief inspector described the stunt as 'dangerous and selfish'. Source: NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol Command

Chief Insp Brooks said the images had been passed on to NSW Police, but those involved had not been identified.

The post on Monday sparked disbelief online, prompting a series of comments.

“It better be worth the shot,” one person wrote.

“Don’t try this deadly way bro to get more likes on your page,” another said.

The post in September was captioned: “Help! I’ve broken several laws to take a mint instagram video of a Lancer.”

Drivers in NSW caught with someone in their boot face a fine of $344 and three demerit points, while the person inside the boot will also cop a $344 fine.

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