Disgusting twist after backpacker falls to her death at selfie spot

A British backpacker who lost her life while taking a selfie on a cliff in Sydney’s eastern suburbs has been remembered by her mother as “one in a million” on social media.

It is believed Madalyn Davis, 21, climbed a fence at a popular selfie spot at Diamond Bay Reserve, in Vaucluse, on Saturday night to take photos for her Instagram before falling to her death.

In a disturbing twist, among the hundreds of comments paying tribute to the make-up artist, there were also users cruelly taunting Ms Davis for the alleged events in the lead up to her death.

Madalyn Davis pictured on the right. The model's mum, Rebecca Smith, thanked her daughters' trolls.
Instagram model Madalyn Davis died after she fell from a cliff reportedly to take a selfie. Her mother, Rebecca Smith, sent a message to the 'trolls' her Instagram profile. Source: Madalyn Davis/Rebecca Smith

Her mother came to her daughter’s defence on Instagram, posting Ms Davis had “always wanted to be famous” and thanked the “trolls”.

“Maddy once said the first time she got trolled: ‘Mum this is a good thing, the more people comment, the better my profile is’,” Rebecca Smith wrote.

“So fill your boots you nasty people. You are the one that has to sleep at night.”

Some of the comments criticising Ms Davis for reportedly climbing over a safety barrier to take selfies became personal attacks on the 21-year-old.

“The things folks do for a few more followers on Instagram,” one person wrote.

“The fact she had the audacity to disobey the warning signs is absolutely sickening,” another said, according to The Daily Telegraph.

An Instagram message from Madalyn Davis' mother Rebecca Smith addressed his daughters' trolls.
Rebecca Smith sent a message to the people cruelly taunting her daughter, Madalyn Davis. Source: Instagram/Rebecca Smith.

“If only you knew your future would be at the bottom of a cliff,” a third social media user said.

Ms Smith wasn’t deterred by the comments and shared messages to the “trolls” on her Instagram.

“Madalyn was loved, she had integrity and decency. If you need to believe otherwise in order to feel better about yourself... that’s your pain,” the mother wrote.

Ms Davis had almost 25,000 followers on her combined Instagram accounts, including one to showcase her talents as an eyelash technician and another for her make-up artistry.

Her mother also said she was being helped by the heartfelt tributes left for her daughter by fans and friends.

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