Violent schoolyard brawl footage back online

Jordan Cutts

EXCLUSIVE: The person promoting violent videos shot in Perth suburbs that have been banned on YouTube and Facebook has found a new way to stay a step ahead.

Perth Fights is an online page with 5000 followers. Police cannot shut it down because no laws have been broken.

One of the latest videos promoted by the site is a schoolyard brawl between two girls, in which no one steps in but dozens of people film it.

There were many people watching and filming this fight but no one stepped in to stop it. Photo: 7 News

“It's almost like for young people, if it isn't online then they haven’t experienced it and it hasn't actually happened,” psychologist and cyber expert Jordan Forster said.

Facebook and YouTube have banned the videos but the person behind Perth Fights has found a way around it, posting links to the violent clips via Twitter.

Another video shows young men fighting. Photo: 7 News

They are not only gloating about it, but he or she is calling for more violence from the site’s followers.

"YouTube dogs banned me, but I'm back on Twitter until some b***h reports and bans me there too haha. Start sending in your fight vids again!" the Perth Fights operator posted.

“Social media is uncapped. So that means if I try something on Facebook, that goes away, I can try something on Twitter. If that goes away I can try something on Instagram,” Ms Foster said.

It is not illegal to film these fights and post them on social media, but if you are part of the punch-ups they can be self-incriminating.

If police identify you, that is when charges can be laid.

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