Armed gang terrorises Melbourne homes with guns, metal rods during violent crime spree

Bandits armed with a gun and metal poles have terrorised residents at two homes in Melbourne's outer north.

One man was bashed while another leapt from a second storey window to escape.

Just after midnight a white sedan pulled up on a Thomastown street.

A white sedan pulls up to a house in Thomastown. Source: 7 News

CCTV cameras at a nearby home captured three men getting out of the car.

They're dressed in hoodies with their faces covered and are armed with iron rods and a handgun.

"Just happened suddenly, you don't get the time to be prepared because 30 seconds it took them to break the door," the victim said.

The victim said it took no more than 30 seconds for the gang to break in. Source: 7 News

This victim is too frightened to be identified after the men smashed their way into his home on Tuesday night.

He was bashed with a metal pole and his brother, wife and child were then forced onto the floor.

"They were holding up the guns, saying give me the drugs, give me the drugs," the victim said.

As the family pleaded for their lives, the men noticed the baby.

Panicked, they grabbed the man's gold chain before fleeing.

Another man at Epping had his house broken into. Source: 7 News

Police say this was only the beginning of the gang's crime spree. Three hours later they broke into another home in Epping.

"We heard extreme noises on the front door, obviously it was a sledgehammer of something banging on the front door," the man said.

"From there they pushed the door open."

The man leapt from his second storey window to escape. Source: 7 News

Too afraid to leave his bedroom, the 41-year-old leapt from his second storey window to safety, crushing his foot as he hit the concrete.

He then began banging on his neighbour's door to raise the alarm.

There were four people at the Epping home when the thugs broke in.

The residents say the gang knew what they were looking for and made a beeline for the bedrooms.

A key part of the investigation will be tracking down this white Holden Commodore. Source: 7 News

"We're still inivestigating the matter and trying to work out what their motives may have been," Detective Senior Sergeant Christian Tommey said.

A key part of the investigation will be tracking down a white Holden Commodore seen at both crime scenes.