Students who mocked 'disabled' boy on Sydney train in viral video to be suspended

Krystal Johnson

A group of students who were filmed laughing, mocking and yelling 'disabled' boy on a Sydney train are to be suspended.

The Education Department says the Georges River College Oatley (GRC) students who were involved in the bullying incident on the Illawarra and South Coast Line will be suspended.

The incident took place on Monday afternoon. The young man was already on the train when the students walked on.

A group of students can be seen bullying the man who was already anxious to be on the train before he was mocked. Photo: Facebook

Chelsea Jane was on the train with her mother when she began recording the students allegedly bullying him.

Ms Jane claims the group immediately began mocking the young man and his clothing, ganging up on him and shouting in his face in a high pitched voice as he cowered by the door.

In the video, one of the boys can be heard yelling sarcastically: "Next stop what's next stop. Anybody know what the next stop is. Okay!"

The group of students laugh amongst each other and approach the man as they continue to gang up on him.

Ms Jane said the students then noticed she was filming and allegedly threatened to hit her.

“Once they noticed I was filming they to threatened hit me, I was with my mum and didn't want to risk putting either of us in any kind of danger,” Ms Jane wrote on Facebook.

The young man pulled out his phone in an attempt to escape the harassment but the bullying continued until the students left the train at Hurstville.

The students can be seen ganging up on the man who appears to be distressed. Photo: Facebook

She later uploaded the video to Facebook, saying she was "fuming" over the incident and stresses she didn't even get the whole incident on camera.

"How dare these disrespectful pigs (in --- ----- uniforms) mock and taunt a disabled passenger," she wrote.

"F---ing pathetic. If anyone recognises the people in this video please let me know.

"I am absolutely disgusted by what just happened and if I didn't fear for my own safety around these losers I would've gone down there to put a stop to it myself. Absolute filth.

"I didn't even get the whole thing on film."