What happens when a phone falls 300 metres to earth

A man has accidentally dropped his phone from a plane while it was recording video.

The footage uploaded by Tennessee pilot Blake Henderson shows the wing of an aircraft surrounded by blue skies 300 metres above the ground.

But Mr Henderson accidentally drops the phone, which keeps recording as it falls from the sky.

Blake Henderson was flying when the phone dropped. Source: YouTube

It spins, showing the undercarriage of the plane, the houses below and eventually lands in what appears to be someone’s lawn.

“Here’s your phone,” a man says sometime later, picking it up from the garden bed.

“This ain’t my phone,” a younger man replies.

The men discuss whose phone it is.

It’s not known how or when Mr Henderson got the phone back but a Reddit user who posted the link online appears to be the pilot’s nephew.

The phone tumbles. Source: YouTube