'Near miss': Video shows lucky escape of people crossing in front of train

Video of a number of near misses with trains has been captured on New Zealand’s rail network.

New Zealand Police shared the video on Facebook urging people to “cross with care”.

The vision shows a number of close calls with people crossing oncoming trains.

An elderly woman, carrying a bag, is nearly hit while crossing despite sirens sounding and lights flashing which read “train coming”.

An elderly woman rushes across the path of an incoming train in New Zealand. Source: Facebook/ New Zealand Police

Other incidents include a Holden Commodore crossing in the path of a train, two school kids running across the tracks, a narrow miss involving a man on a bike, and a woman pushing a stroller.

Jeremy, a locomotive engineer, says people “might get across nine times out of 10”.

“But on that 10th time it could cost you your life,” he says.

On Facebook, people were shocked by the close calls.

A pedestrian runs across tracks despite the train approaching. Source: Facebook/ New Zealand Police

“Every near miss has an impact - especially on the driver of the train,” one man wrote.

“They have to live with the memory - especially when some of them have had fatal hits as well.”

A woman wrote said she sees “this kind of craziness every day” at her station.

Two school kids rush over the tracks. Source: Facebook/ New Zealand Police

“I’ve even been on the train when it blew the horn continually, then the brakes came on and the person glanced off the train,” she wrote.

“It was a disturbing experience. I feel for the train drivers.”

The video was released as part of Rail Safety Week, which runs from August 12-18.

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