Shocking moment man slams police officer to the ground

A shocking video has amassed hundreds of thousands of views showing a man throwing punches at a police officer in Surfers Paradise before body slamming him to the ground.

Police said in a statement on Monday a man was allegedly trying to incite members of the public on Cavill Avenue to fight him about 11pm on April 6.

The footage is said to be the second part of an earlier incident where the man was allegedly throwing punches and being abusive towards authorities before they gave chase into the Cavill Mall.

It is alleged he then began throwing punches towards police again before being apprehended.

Police said the video is the second part of an earlier incident where a man was allegedly being abusive towards police before they gave chase into Cavill Mall.

At the start of the short clip, which was shared on Facebook, a policeman appears to run over to a man who begins to bob and weave and throw punches.

But the policeman's attempt to intervene is foiled as the man trips him and slams him onto the ground.

The video has been viewed close to 700,000 times in a week.

In the footage, three other officers can be seen coming to their colleague's aid.

Police said pepper spray was used as the man remained aggressive towards officers.

Police allege the man was throwing punches towards police again before he was apprehended.

“The spray wasn’t effective enough, that’s why the officer had to go hands-on and he fell to the ground with that bloke and the other officers jumped in and he was arrested,” Gold Coast Chief Superintendent Marty Mickelson told the Gold Coast Bulletin.

A 20-year-old man was given an infringement notice for obstruct police offences and public nuisance following the April 6 arrest.