CCTV shows teen giggling with man before he allegedly strangled her to death in 'sex game'

CCTV has captured a teenage girl's final hours, laughing and joking with the man accused of strangling her to death during a violent "snuff" sex game.

Megan Bills, 17, was believed to have died during consensual sex in April last year, with Ashley Foster, 24, who had only been released from jail three days earlier.

The Wolverhampton Crown Court heard Foster wrapped the young woman’s body in plastic cling wrap and left it to decompose for three weeks in a hostel wardrobe where he lived, before neighbors reported a rotting smell, The Sun reported.

Megan and Ashley were seen shopping hours before the woman's alleged murder. Source: West Midlands Police

Haunting footage played in court shows the teen joking with her alleged killer in a supermarket on April 16, just hours before her death.

The video then shows the pair entering the West Mids hostel for ex-cons, where Foster lived. It was the last time Ms Bills was seen alive.

Foster told the court he had consensual sex with Ms Bills that day, but she died accidentally when the sex act went wrong, according to The Sun.

The pair are seen entering Ashley's hostel together that afternoon. Source: West Midlands Police

Prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC said the accused had been carrying out sexual fantasies when he strangled the high school girl to death.

After Foster allegedly killed Ms Bills, he is said to have tried covering up the death by vacuuming flies and spraying bed sheets with cleaning fluid.

Footage played to the jury, recorded on May 2 - the day before the victim’s remains were discovered - show her alleged killer hanging a purple quilt outside and spraying it.

This was the last image of Megan seen alive on April 16. Source: West Midlands Police

It is understood Foster searched for snuff movies online - films which involved the actual death of a victim or the simulation of death - while the teen’s body heavily decomposed in his home.

The jury heard the teen’s body was so badly decomposed that a cause of death was not able to be determined.

Foster denied murdering the teenager, but pleaded guilty to preventing the lawful and decent burial of her.

The day after the last picture of Megan was taken, Ashley returns to his hostel with a shopping bag containing a purple blanket, and other supplies. Source: West Midlands Police
He hangs up the blanket on the clothesline two weeks after seen on CCTV walking into his room with it. Source: West Midlands Police

Prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC, alleged Foster killed the girl during a violent sex session on the day they met. He also told the court the accused had previously asked a former girlfriend if he could strangle her during sex, but she refused.

The trial is expected to continue on Monday, before the panel retires to consider all the evidence then return with a verdict on the murder charge.