Touching video of pilot rescuing orphaned baby chimp from poachers

An adorable video of a pilot and a baby chimpanzee who was saved from poachers in the Congo is captivating audiences around the globe.

The heartwarming clip shows the little chimp named Mussa sitting on pilot Anthony Caere's lap during the flight from Virunga National Park to a rehabilitation facility, called the Centre de Rehabilitation des Primates de Lwiro (Lwiro Primates).

Mussa appears to be incredibly comfortable with Mr Caere during the trip to his new home.

The bub can be seen in the video, shared on the Lwiro Primates Facebook page, peering out the aircraft's window and examining the control panels.

Virunga National Park pilot Anthony Caere with baby chimp Mussa. Source: Lwiro Primates/ Facebook

The pilot grooms the chimp and the pair also enjoy a cuddle.

But while the video is heartwarming it is also shared as a reminder about the harsh realities of poaching and how it is affecting wilderness populations.

The baby chimp was taken to a rehabilitation centre after being rescued from an uncertain future. Source: Lwiro Primates/ Facebook

Lwiro Primates responded to a comment online: "Unfortunately his family is dead, we do not know how many, maybe only the mum, but most likely several members of his family were killed.

"Is impossible to take away a baby from the arms of her / his mum without killing the her, because as humans, primates will do all the possible to protect their offspring."

The video is touching hearts around the world. Source: Lwiro Primates/ Facebook

The young chimp is said to be laughing and playing but is also receiving treatment for intestinal parasites, CBS News reports.

According to the rehabilitation organisation's social media account, Mussa is the third chimp rescued so far this year.

More than 37,000 people have watched the video since it was uploaded on Wednesday.