Cheering Iraqis march arrested German ISIS teen through Mosul

Yahoo7 and Yahoo UK

Video has emerged of victorious Iraqi forces marching a teenage runaway, who joined IS, through the streets of Mosul after they drove out the terrorist group.

Linda Wenzel, 16, who disappeared from Pulsnitz near Dresden in Germany on July 1 last year, was detained in Iraq, along with other female supporters of the group, after the Battle of Mosul, which saw ISIS fighters forced out of the ancient city.

The new video shows a distraught Wenzel with her arms secured by armed men being escorted through the streets amid a crowd of cheering Iraqis.

Lorenz Haase, senior public prosecutor in Dresden, confirmed the teenager had been “located and identified in Iraq”.

Jubilant crowds can be heard cheering amid Linda Wenzel distraught cries at Mosul. Photo: LiveLeak

Wenzel, who is thought to have converted to Islam after being groomed on social media, was arrested by Iraqi forces along with 20 female ISIS supporters from Russia, Turkey, Canada, Libya and Syria.

The group are believed to have barricaded themselves with guns and explosives in a tunnel underneath the ruins of Mosul’s old city.

German media interviewed Wenzel, who told them she regretted joining the group and wanted to leave.

“I just want to get away from here,” she said. “I want to get away from the war, from the many weapons, from the noise. I just want to go home to my family.”

They added that she wanted to be extradited to Germany and would cooperate with authorities.

Despite having a gunshot wound on her left thigh and another injury on her right knee, which she said was caused during a helicopter attack, she said she was “doing well”.

Mr Haase told the Associated Press that is not clear whether the teenager will return to Germany.

“We, as the public prosecutor’s office Dresden, have not applied for an arrest warrant and will therefore not be able to request extradition,” he said.

Iraqi citizens of Basra celebrate the news of their country's victory over Islamic State terrorists at Mosul. Photo: AP

“There is the possibility that Linda might be put on trial in Iraq. She might be expelled for being a foreigner or, because she is a minor reported missing in Germany, she could be handed over to Germany.”

Other reports have suggested Wenzel could face the death penalty in Iraq for being a member of the terrorist group.

Earlier in the year, her parents said they “didn’t think anything of” their daughter’s new-found interest in Islam before her disappearance. “[We] even bought her a copy of the Qur’an,” her mother, Katharina, said.

The girl was identified after Iraqi forces declared victory over Isis in the group’s former stronghold of Mosul earlier this month.

Haase said the teenager had travelled to Turkey about a year ago with the aim of reaching Iraq or Syria.