A Kilsyth mother has big dreams for her five-year-old daughter with plans to take on the US beauty pageant world.

Bridget Williams hasn't even started school yet, but she has already mastered the art of applying make up, stalking a catwalk and striking a pose.

The little girl will soon be packing her false nails, eyelashes, hair extensions and fake tan, and jetting off to America where she hopes her career will also take off.

"I want to be doing this until my teeth fall out," Bridget told Seven News reporter Christie Cooper.

Bridget has competed in around a dozen beauty contests in Melbourne, and won a $5,000 modelling contract.

But Bridget's mum, Sheridan, believes her daughter has outgrown her opportunities in Australia and now the pair are heading to Texas where the little girl will compete in a pageant for $10,000.

Sheridan says Bridget will be perfecting her pageantry skills during the trip.

But critics are outraged, insisting Bridget is far too young to be taking part in beauty pageants.

Australian's Against Beauty Pageants spokeswoman Melinda Tankard told Seven News: "She is five-years-old, she can't make those judgements for herself. She needs responsible adults in her life.

"Little girls don't need to be taught how to strut and to preen."

Sheridan strongly defends her decision to allow her child to compete in child beauty contests.

"Being beautiful isn't the most important thing for us, we just want Bridget to try hard and try at everything she does," Sheridan said.

"Bridget is an active child, she has extra energy.

"We wanted to find a way we could help her show her personality and tame that in a disciplined way.

"If Bridget wasn't happy doing the pageants, I'd pull her out in a minute. If she didn't want to do another one, I'd say 'no more'."

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