'I'm embarrassed': Victoria's top cop busted speeding on freeway

Victoria's police chief has revealed he was caught speeding while driving on a busy freeway.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton said in a statement on Friday afternoon that he was detected exceeding the speed limit by a fixed camera on the Peninsula Link freeway, southeast of Melbourne on Thursday afternoon.

He was detected travelling at a speed of 108km/h and an alleged speed of 105km/h in a 100 zone.

"I am deeply committed to road safety and am embarrassed and disappointed to find I have gone above the speed limit," Mr Ashton said in a statement.

“This was as a result of a lapse in concentration, which does not excuse my actions, but does highlight the need for constant attention behind the wheel.

“I regret my actions and believe I should be held to a higher level of accountability than the general community."

His driving misdemeanor comes as his Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer continues to push the road safety message and the dangers of speeding.

Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton will also donated money to the Road Trauma Support Services. Source: Getty.

Along with paying his $190 fine, Mr Ashton has pledged to donate the equivalent amount of money to Road Trauma Support Services, effectively doubling his penalty.

"I have also spent time with victims of road trauma and know the awful impact it has on their lives," he said.

"I know the dangers of straying even a little over the speed limit."

The chief commissioner will also receive one demerit point.

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