Vet reveals dog owner's wild mistake: 'How is that even possible?'

A vet has shared a story about the "worst misuse of medication" he's ever seen, mortifying viewers with details of the dog owner's mistake.

Amir Anwary, who lives in Cape Town, South Africa, explained how a woman came to the clinic where he works a few days ago asking for flea medication for her dog.

After giving her a "spot-on treatment" meant to go on the back of the dog's neck, she returned on Sunday to complain that her furry friend was constipated.

Two side-by-side photos of South African vet, Amir Anwary, explaining the wildest way a dog owner tried to apply flea / tick medication on her pet.
South African vet, Amir Anwary, has shared a story about the wild way a dog owner tried to apply flea medication. Source: TikTok/Amirthevet

"I’ve seen side effects with some tick and flea medication, but I’d never seen constipation," Mr Anwary recounted on TikTok.

"I start doing an exam on this dog to see why, so I put my glove on and stick my finger up its butt and I feel something hard, and I'm like 'what is this, this is so weird'.

"And then I take it out and guys, this women went and shoved this freaking tick and flea medication up the dogs ass."

He called the woman's actions "the stupidest thing," saying the instructions are "very straightforward".

"To use the medication you basically open the top and put it on the dogs neck," he said.

"I did not see that coming!"

He said the woman thought it looked like an enema, which is why she stuck it up the poor dog's bum. He also said she refused to pay for the removal of the medication.

"The lady doesn’t want to pay because she said it’s my fault she used the product wrong," Mr Anwary said.

"At this point I was like, you know what lady it’s fine, just go get the dog some Alzam (Xanax). You need this."

People respond on social media

The vet's video has received almost 241K views, with many calling the woman's mistake "unbelievable".

"Nooooo!!! What the…how is that even possible?" one person said. "It even comes in a packaging with instructions."

"I thought she gave it to him to eat but this is worse," another added.

"I am absolutely horrified hearing this," a third person wrote.

Others pointed out that even if it did look like an enema, the woman should've taken the medication out the packaging.

"Thank goodness she didn't though. That medication should NOT go inside the body like that," one person said.

Medical professionals also commented, mentioning the importance of explaining instructions.

"I have learned very early in my veterinary career to explain everything like you're talking to a first grader," one person said.

"When filling suppositories at the pharmacy, we had to explicitly state and explain to UNWRAP it before inserting!" said another.

Though even they were shocked.

"Just when I think, after 20+ years as a vet nurse, I've heard it all, BAM! I was so sure she gave it orally," one vet wrote.

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