Venomous snake found struggling in backyard pool: 'Can't get out'

It is common for wildlife to drown in swimming pools if they are unable to get out.

Aussies spending more time cooling down now that summer is officially here may find themselves confronted by wildlife frequently stuck in swimming pools, with many unable to escape.

One snake had a close call on Friday when a Gold Coast resident spotted it clinging to a floating cleaning pipe in his backyard pool. The tiny snake could be mistaken for a worm, given how small and slim it is, but it was identified as a mildly venomous marsh snake — native to Australia.

Left, a close up of the venomous snake coiled up. Right, the snake clings to the floating pipe in the pool.
The venomous snake was spotted clinging to the cleaning pipe in the swimming pool. Source: Facebook

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Although the resident got to the snake in time, many reptiles are not as fortunate and drown in the pool unable to get out.

"They've got nothing at the borders of the pool so they can get stuck in the pool and it's not their choice to stay there, they physically can't get out," Cory Kerewaro from Reptile Relocation Sydney previously told Yahoo News Australia.

He explained some snakes do intentionally dip into swimming pools for a drink or to feed on other wildlife caught in the water, but more often than not snakes fall in accidentally.

Simple act helps to save wildlife caught in pool

The best way to prevent wildlife from being stuck in a pool is to ensure there is some form of escape route for the animal.

"When they get stuck in the pool they'll swim to the edge to try to get out, and they'll skim the edge until they find something," Kerewaro said. "Any wildlife that ends up in the pool, you can get these little wildlife ramps that sit on the side of the pool and ramp down into the water and give them a rest, or they get themselves on that and push themselves out."

Homemade solutions are also as effective Kerewaro said, explaining things like bodyboards and "half in half out" pool noodles weighted on the land side can have the desired effect as well.

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