Veil victory: burqa-wearing woman wins appeal

Supporters of Carnita Matthews and police have clashed on the streets outside a Sydney court today.

Carnita Matthews, a Muslim woman who had been convicted and sentenced to six months jail for knowingly making a false complaint against a highway patrol officer, appeared in court today to appeal.

In mid 2010, Matthews was pulled over by police and fined for allegedly not displaying her P-plates correctly.

During their interaction Matthews was asked to prove her identity with her license, and asked to remove her veil for verification as it was obstructing her face.

After the incident, Matthews reportedly complained to Campbelltown police station of unfair treatment, accusing the police officer of threatening to lift her veil or nicab, igniting a racism row.

Today Judge Clive Jefferys allowed the appeal after Matthews' legal counsel argued that at the time the written complaint was brought to police, there was no evidence she'd lodged it.

The judge is due to explain his reasons in full tomorrow.

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