Vegan Tash Peterson's explosive message after car covered in animal 'secretions'

Controversial vegan activist Tash Peterson has been subjected to death threats in response to her bold and disruptive protests.

Prominent vegan activist Tash Peterson has brushed off recent threats made by a "gutless and pathetic" stranger who she claims poured bodily fluids of a "murdered animal" all over her car.

The controversial vegan, who's known for her bold and disruptive protests, took to social media on Thursday admitting her vehicle smelt like dead fish — with the putrid smell escaping from her air-con — before revealing private messages she'd received by a hater not long after.

"You f**k with me mates, I will f**k with you," the Instagram messages said. "Give the AC time. The tortured animals need to marinate," the "nameless and faceless coward" continued. But Peterson told Yahoo News Australia it's not the first time this has happened — and she's not at all bothered by who she riles up.

Left: Tash Peterson vegan activist posing in 'animal holocaust' t-shirt. Right: Instagram screenshot showing threat to Tash Peterson
Vegan activist Tash Peterson was targeted by a stranger who apparently poured bodily fluids of animals on her car. Source: Tash Peterson

"This isn't the first time someone has come to my home and put animal body parts and secretions on my vehicle, but it's definitely not making me reconsider what I do," the Perth woman said on Friday.

"In fact, all of these people only fuel my fire to continue to fight even harder for the rights of non-human animals. It doesn't bother me on a personal level, but I am absolutely disgusted that someone would pour the bodily fluids of murder victims onto my vehicle".

Planned protest again controversial vegan

It comes as more than 500 people plan to gather outside her home for a barbeque in protest on May 24, which has been organised by Sydney resident Ben D’Arcy. Ben said people are sick of Peterson's antics and called her a "serial pest". He hopes to give the activist a "taste of her own medicine".

Tash Peterson vegan activist Ms Peterson escorted from premises by security as she continues to yell.
Peterson was arrested following her latest stunt at a Perth shopping centre on Christmas Eve. Source: Instagram

Peterson said while she's received "hundreds of death threats over the years," she's noticed the hatred for her "has definitely grown". "There are now multiple hate groups dedicated to me on Facebook, some with tens of thousands of members," she told Yahoo. "They talk about me every day and encourage people to stalk and harass me."

"I've learned over the years, to not let these things worry me as most of these people are just all talk no action," she continued. "I don't feel in danger, but sometimes can't help but wonder if there is someone dangerous out there that hates me."

Left: Vegan activist Tash Peterson walking inside KFC wearing white with fake blood Right: Vegan activist Tash Peterson inside KFC store pouring fake blood on the ground
Peterson is known for her disruptive protests inside various businesses. . Source: Instagram/vganbooty

Activist notorious for wild public outbursts

Peterson has frequently made headlines for her disruptive protests throughout Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, often appearing near naked, covered in fake blood and body paint or wearing lingerie to her public protests.

The 29-year-old is originally from Perth but was forced to temporarily relocate to Melbourne after she was slapped with a 12-month statewide ban from licensed venues in Western Australia. The ban followed her protest outside celebrity chef John Mountain’s restaurant, where she disrupted diners by playing audio of squealing pigs and shouting “animal apocalypse”.

On Christmas Eve, Peterson staged a protest outside a Belmont butcher's shop in Perth’s eastern suburbs. The well-known activist poured fake blood on the store’s display cabinet, prompting two employees to perform a citizen's arrest. Police arrived at her home and arrested her hours later.

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