Vegan activist kicked out of Perth Show after dramatic protest

Prominent vegan activist Tash Peterson has been removed from an event at the Perth Royal Show, after she jumped the fence to stage a protest.

Ms Peterson, who is known for her activism, uploaded a video of the smothered protest to social media.

The Royal Agricultural Society of Western Australia's show opened on September 25 and promises entertainment, exhibitions and animal attractions.

However, Ms Peterson claims the Royal Show is a "brainwashing and propaganda event", which "celebrates and glamorises animal abuse, slavery and murder".

Tash Peterson stormed Perth’s Royal Show to protest animal rights. Source: Tash Peterson
Tash Peterson stormed Perth’s Royal Show to protest animal rights. Source: Tash Peterson

"The event runs activities that indoctrinates children into viewing non-human animals as food, objects, commodities, machines and entertainment," she wrote on Facebook.

"An example of this brainwashing is the 'learn how to milk a cow' station for children."

In the video of the protest, cattle are seen being paraded in front of judges at the Perth Royal Show, with an audience watching behind a barricade.

Someone off camera is heard discussing when to make their move as the cattle are walked around the ring.

Ms Peterson is then seen climbing under the railing and into the pen, holding a sign above her head.

"These gentle and innocent beings are going to be brutally murdered and shot in the head," she yells.

“They’re just as gentle and loving as beloved dogs and cats.”

The footage then cuts out abruptly and in the next clip, a man is seen grabbing Ms Peterson by her clothing and forcing her to the fenceline.

People in the video are heard telling the man to get his hands off her.

Other activists are seen being held against the railing, while they are being told to get out.

"Today animal rights activists targeted the judging ring for “beef” cattle where they are judged based on how good their muscle and flesh looks for human consumption," Ms Peterson wrote on Facebook.

"They are viewed as nothing but objects and commodities; but are in fact sentient individuals who are victims of this holocaust.

"We are here to speak up for them as they can not speak up for themselves. If you’re not vegan, you’re an animal abuser."

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