Million-dollar rental home a 'write-off' after youths cause $150,000 worth of damage

A million-dollar Melbourne rental home has been trashed by a group of senseless vandals who caused about $150,000 worth of damage during a party.

The four-bedroom beachfront home in Altona has been described in its Airbnb profile as a “seaside stay in one of Melbourne’s prime locations by the sea”.

But now it’s a “write off” after 70 youths descended on the waterfront property on Saturday afternoon.

This home in Melbourne was left with about $150,000 worth of damage over the weekend. (Left) Before and (right) after one of the front windows was smashed. Source: Airbnb/ 7 News
A mirror destroyed in the home along with a window. Source: 7 News

The property was available for rent through both Airbnb and, however an Airbnb spokesman said this incident did not occur during a booking through their site.

One man described the damage inside the house as “incredible”.

Another said there’s not a room in the house that hasn’t been destroyed “including the garage”.

Police were called to the home on three separate occasions with residents saying fights were spilling out onto the street.

Police are still searching for the people responsible. Source: Airbnb/ 7 News
The home is worth more than $1m but one resident described it as a 'write off' now. Photo from before the damage. Source: Airbnb

Such was the chaos on Saturday night, a resident said police “didn’t have a chance in the world” against the youths.

Some residents initially came out of their homes to confront the large group, who were fighting and throwing rocks at cars, but they were quickly outnumbered and afraid and ended up retreating inside.

Police are still searching for those involved and are warning other rental property to be wary of vandals.

Victoria Police Detective Inspector David Baskin said hosts should “do some checks" on who they’re renting to or who is making the booking.

About 70 youths descended on the house for a party. Source: Airbnb