US tourist raves about surprising detail at Aussie airports

The American traveller spoke of her love for domestic air travel in a video on social media.

In a notion unlikely to have been uttered by many locals recently, an American traveller has raved about Australia's domestic airports, claiming they're "literally so easy".

Posting to TikTok, the traveller, a US woman named Tate Duanne gleefully spoke of her love for Aussie airports, revealing the differences between the two nations when it comes to air travel.

"Another thing we've not yet addressed is the differences between the airports. Domestic travel in Australia is literally so easy, you don't have to show your ID, or any sort of proof of identity before going through TSA, like security," she said on the platform.

"They have these trays that pop out that you put all of your stuff in when you are going through security, so it's way faster.

A US TikTok personality has raved about Australia's airports. Source: TikTok
A US TikTok personality has raved about Australia's airports. Source: TikTok

"You don't have to take off your shoes, or take out your computers, the security is just way less! I get through so quick."

'Security more advanced in Australia'

Many people in the comments were quick to agree with Ms Duanne, revealing a number of "sophisticated" techniques that "makes it easier".

"The security is more advanced, which is why you can keep your laptop in your bag," a person said. "The shoe thing is done by X-ray and heat sensor while wearing them."

"Some regional airports don’t even have security," said another. "Your friend that isn’t travelling with you can go with you all the way to the boarding gate, and then go home….Try that at LAX," someone else added.

"Yeah it's all a bit 'ah, she'll be right mate' — isn't it?" another joked.

While this US traveller was clearly impressed with our security protocols on home soil, Australians have been less than impressed with local airports in recent times, which have repeatedly attracted criticism — though namely directed at individual airlines.

In America, security was rigorously enhanced in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2001, with the nation boasting some of the most extreme security protocols at airports in the world.

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