US sailor pestered for sex, trial told


An American sailor on trial for the rape of a Darwin woman was a friendly guy who made her and her friends laugh, a court has heard.

Hugh Patrick Malone, 23, has pleaded not guilty to sexual assault, indecent assault and depriving a woman of her liberty.

It is alleged that on September 4 last year he was drinking and dancing at Monsoon's bar in Darwin's CBD with a trio of local women who had gone out with some American sailors they had met earlier that week. The sailors were from the USS Denver, docked in the port.

The court heard that Malone had sex with one woman earlier in the evening before returning to the bar and "pestering" her friend, the complainant, for sexual favours, which she declined.

He then told her he needed to pick up a bag from his hotel room to check out before curfew. She agreed to accompany him there on the way to the hotel room of the man she was seeing, another American sailor.

But it is alleged that when they arrived he pulled her into the room and sexually assaulted her.

Afterwards she called her friend Nina Ah-Wong, the court heard on Tuesday.

In a "jumpy voice" the complainant told her that "Malone just tried s*** with me", and the following day recounted the assault again in more detail, using the word "rape" and saying that he "tried to stick it in" and penetrated her for five to 10 seconds.

Afterwards, Malone allegedly said to the woman "please forgive me, you're such a beautiful girl, I have a family".

There was no indication of an attraction between the complainant and Malone, Ms Ah-Wong told the court.

She said although the woman was intoxicated "she still knew what she was doing".

She told the court Malone was "a good guy and fun to be around".

The trial continues.