Joe Biden's limousine 'The Beast' gets stuck in traffic on way to Queen's funeral

US President Joe Biden has come to a standstill in London as he got caught in traffic near Marble Arch while on his way to the Queen's funeral.

UK journalist Joe Armitage tweeted a video of the president travelling in his armoured limousine The Beast as he sat in the backseat wearing aviator sunglasses.

Joe Biden stuck in traffic in The Beast on the way to the Queen's funeral.
Joe Biden's armoured limo The Beast came to a standstill on his way to the Queen's funeral. Source: Twitter

According to The Sun, a number of world leaders are being transported to the funeral in shuttle buses to reduce congestion in the city.

However, Biden was reportedly given a special exemption to arrive at the funeral in his bulletproof limit.

A number of spectators who lined the London streets attempted to get a good look at the president as his car came to a standstill, with police ushering the crowd away from the limo.

"Might as well have taken the bus," Armitage tweeted.

US President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden arrive to take their seats inside Westminster Abbey.
US President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden arrive to take their seats inside Westminster Abbey after they were caught in traffic. Source: Getty

Many agreed on Twitter the US president should have taken the bus like other world leaders.

"The traffic jam is his own ridiculous motorcade. Should have told him to get the bus like most others," one said.

"That was rather stupid of Biden. He should have taken the bus," another said.

Despite the traffic, Biden arrived at the funeral just after 10am (local time).

Biden and his wife Jill arrived in the UK on Sunday and the pair visited Westminster Hall to view the Queen's coffin and pay their respects ahead of the funeral.

In a statement following the Queen's death, Biden described the monarch as a "steadying presence and a source of comfort and pride for generations of Britons".

"She was the first British monarch to whom people all around the world could feel a personal and immediate connection," he said.

"Queen Elizabeth II led always with grace, an unwavering commitment to duty, and the incomparable power of her example."

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