Pizza truck spill leaves highway drowned in ruined food

A motorway in America was shut down for four hours after a truck containing hundreds of pizzas shed its load across the highway.

The 18-wheeler truck, which was carrying DiGiorno and Tombstone frozen pizzas, scraped a bridge support yesterday, slicing open its trailer and spilling hundreds of pizzas across Interstate 30.

The incident occurred directly in front of the Arkansas Department of Transportation Office – with a spokesperson confirming that the bridge had only suffered cosmetic damage and no one was hurt.

The pizza truck shut down the motorway for hours. Source: AP

The interstate was closed for several hours while crews cleaned up the mess.

Danny Straessle, who works for the Arkansas Department of Transport, said: "There’s a lot of frozen pizzas laying out on the interstate right now. Lots of pizza fatalities".

Photos of the incident show huge piles of pizza strewn across the highway, while the trailer is completely sliced open.

The highway is part of a major link road that connects Arkansas with Dallas and points to Memphis in the west.

Last month, a similarly messy accident saw a truck overturn while it carried eels swamping the road with a gooey substance that looked like something from a horror film.