WATCH: Shocking video shows cheerleader scream as she is forced into splits

WARNING, DISTRESSING CONTENT: A number of cheerleaders in the US have been forced into a painful extended split position, sparking an investigation by police.

Footage shows cheerleader Ally Wakefield screaming as she is forced by four people into the split position.

She screams "please stop" a number of times to her coach.

Ally was in pain as she was forced to do the splits. Source: 9News US

There are four people holding the girl as she is forced into the splits position.

There is one person holding down her front leg, one holding down her back leg and pushing her into a sitting position using her shoulders, another person holding one arm and one more holding her other arm, leaving her unable to get up.

US network 9News reports they were sent eight videos like this one showing a number of cheerleaders being forced into the splits.

The alleged incidents happened in the first week of cheer camp for East High School, in Salt Lake City, in June.

It's understood the coach was recently hired.

Parents of the students are asking why activities like this are allowed after it's believed the school administration had access to at least one video since June, with an investigation only beginning in August.

Four people were seen holding down Ally in the video. Source: 9News US

“I don’t understand why that’s allowed,” Cheri Nickolay said.

Her daughter, Anna, doesn't appear in the videos but did quit the cheer team.

“That made me sick to my stomach,” Nickolay said.

“I don’t know how you could justify that.”

Police are investigating the videos.

Denver Public Schools Superintendent Tom Boasberg confirmed the coach had been placed on leave while the investigation is carried out.