Unmasked robber terrorises staff with hammer in horror hold-up

Krystal Johnson

Shocking CCTV shows the terrifying moment an unmasked man uses a hammer to hold up a US store.

The video shows the brazen thief approach a 19-year-old employee and demand she open the register in the Philadelphia store.

She told him she couldn't open it without a transaction, Philadelphia Police said.

The unmasked suspect approached a 19-year-old employee and demanded she opened the register, she told him she couldn't open it without a transaction. Photo: Philly Police

The man then strikes the horrified employee in the arm with the hammer, fleeing with the cash register containing an unknown amount of money.

A second employee, a 29 year-old male, approached the suspect after the ordeal in an attempt to comply with his demands.

This is the terrifying moment an unmasked robber can be seen hitting an employee with a hammer. Photo: Philly Police

Police believe the male is aged between 28-35 years of age.

Thankfully, the employee suffered a minor bruise instead of what could have been traumatic injuries.

Philadelphia police are asking for the public's assistance to identify and locate the suspect who robbed the Family dollar store, who was not masked at the time.

The careless robber can be running out of the store with an unkown amount of cash. Photo: Philly Police

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